Friday, December 31, 2010

The Beginning

I've been blogging for awhile now, but realized that my other blog isn't the best forum for all that is on my mind!  So hey, it dawned on me...I can have TWO blogs! Oh my goodness!

And so it begins.  I am sitting here, cozy with a cup of tea by the fire in the cabin after a nice afternoon of hiking.  Curtis (our dog) is asleep next to me, and Michael (my husband) is out on his new toy, I mean work vehicle, the 4-wheeler, with the chainsaw cutting downed trees.  It is New Years Eve 2011 and we are welcoming this new year with love and gratitude, health and happiness, and lots of dreams for this little slice of heaven we've found ourselves upon.

I'll go into the story about how it came to be on another post, but bottom line parent's have purchased a beautiful 216-acre piece of land in the Sautee-Nachoochee area of North Georgia.  There is a 100-foot waterfall, Mount Bliss, Bald Mountain, and two other peaks on the property, yet to be named.  There are numerous micro-environments that we are just beginning to explore.  There is an old gold mine.  And there is a bear.

We are new to this land, but the land is old.  I've always loved the Appalachian Mountains because of the ancient wisdom they breathe, and this land is no exception.  From the moment we stepped foot on its earth we felt its wisdom, its healing, its magic.  There is a lot to learn from this land and my senses are open and listening.

So land song...that is the url of this journal.  We will listen and love and share and heal.  It will be a journey, and I've got my boots on! I hope you join us on this journey too!

oooh! and this song just came over the Pandora radio we have playing and I absolutely love love love it. It is so heart-warming, inspiring, and full of hope.  It seemed fitting to put on my first post...