Sunday, January 9, 2011

Words of Inspiration

I thought I'd copy these words for you to get inspired like I have from them.  Michael and I have just spent the past two weekends in this magical place, listening to the land, working with it, dreaming, getting inspired, blessing it, setting intentions and loving.  I can't wait to share all of these with you!  I have a million things running through my mind, and want to share.  In the meantime, enjoy these words....

From the elements to the animals, from the plants and trees to stones and minerals, the natural world is one of our most powerful sources of spirit, wonder and wisdom.  Every tree has tis own magical story.  Every plant has healing and every animal has spirit.  Every cycle brings opportunity for change and growth.  Familiar and exotic fragrances that tease and delight fill the air.  The songs of birds awaken and soothe.  The colors of plants, flowers and trees stir emotions and resonate subtly with our body and mind.  And the appearance of an animal causes our spirit to soar.  Nowhere does the spirit of the Divine manifest more clearly than within the natural world.  

Nature is probably our greatest healing resource.  From the plants, we gain medicine and beauty.  From the trees, we get fruit and strength.  The stones gift us with color, light and electrical frequencies of health.  And the animals guide, teach and protect us.  We are blessed by Nature.  It touches each of us in personal and special ways.  

Nature reminds us that there are things much greater than the affairs of humans.  When we are unbalanced or if life is unsettled around us, we can do no better for ourselves than to seek out the embrace of Nature.  It is my hope as you explore the world of Nature that you will find a childlike surprise and delight in the green things that grow around you.  For it is in the surprise and delight of things that grow that we find the hidden gifts of the Divine, whispering softly to us every day.  
~~Ted Andrews, Nature-Speak:  Signs, Omens & Messages in Nature (thank you Patty, I mean Santa...)


  1. Great slideshow guys! Those photos of the frozen water are really beautiful. Glad to see Curtie likes the foot blanket, too!

  2. I love it.
    I love Nature.
    I love Evie and Michael and Curtis.