Sunday, July 10, 2011

Work Play for Independence Day!

My dear friend Dee put it best, she's off to visit her Cosmic Family....and what a family we have.  I couldn't have been happier last weekend then when I was sticking my feet in the mud and creating with my cosmic family.  There was a point during the day where I stepped barefoot into the pond and put my hand through the waterfall to the mossy covered rock.  When I touched that rock a shock of electricity coursed through my soul.  It almost took me down, the power and love and community and healing I felt, like a movie of a life fast forwarding through my brain.  And then I looked around and saw my friends there, shoveling mud, and laughing and sharing this wonderful experience.  It was truly something amazing.

This was our first annual dredging on the pond!!  We hope to make it a ritual every year to welcome summer.  This weekend gave me total confidence that we can build and expand and grow with this land and we know the right kind of people to help make it happen.  I get teary when I think of it.  Love love love love love, all you need is love, and a little elbow grease :)  Who wants to join me!!


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