Sunday, July 31, 2011

A heART and Soul Weekend

Truly there are no words to express the love and gratitude in my heart and soul for my life, my family, my friends, this Sacred Women's Circle, this land, and these experiences we have that fill up this time on earth being human and making meaning.

I am sitting here in the cabin on the land.  It has been about 30 minutes since I said goodbye to the last car load of ladies leaving and I am trying to just sit and process the enormity of such a beautiful weekend.

Bottom line is that it transcended my expectations (which were high already), expanded my heart, honored my truths, exploded my creativity, talked to my inner child, spoke to my soul, and allowed me to sing and dance like no one was watching, and bathe in the beauty and richness of womanly goodness and community and togetherness while still allowing us to  hold true to our own beings.

This weekend was the first retreat here on this land and I was encouraged by the love and acceptance and excitement of these women.  They felt it.  They got it.  And they want to help make create and explore and give.  They felt what we did when we first stepped on this land.  It is living and breathing, and old and deep, and healing and loving and full of possibilities if we just listen.  And them being here was the beginning.  This was an incredible blessing from them to me. To my family.

And our weekend together.  WOW.  We did it. Together. And deeply.

These women will forever be a part of the heart and soul of this place.

What we experienced this weekend was real.  Was powerful. Was collective. Was individual.  Was creative. Was laughter. Was crying. Was speaking our voice. Was raising the consciousness. Was being silly.  Was being serious. Was allowing it to be. ... as it is.

They've gifted two blueberry bushes to plant and let grow as the years move on.  They've given their art that we created this weekend to commemorate the experience.  They've also given a piece of themselves that will remain here forever.  What a blessing.

Bowing deeply in intense gratitude and love for these women, for my parent's who made it happen, for the vision, for the world, and for this land.  May the blessings be.

My heart truly overfloweth.

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